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To all Churches

To All Churches

A message to all. The Lord gave me a dream. why did God send us, His son?.... to show us how to live our lives. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... Christ is our example

To all the Churches in the World

Feed My sheep - John 21:16-17

To all the Churches in the World

Church, what is a Church? It is the people who believe in God and Jesus Christ and Live to Serve and Follow.

I am writing this as for one who has been inspired by our Heavenly Father, by his Son Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. i am so very thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, and for by the means of the Holy Spirit, have inspired me and have shown me, having directed me in so many different things He has opened my eyes to the truth, has physically shown me, that which goes beyond any human capability in over the last five years. How in my life i have lived since that of being a child of five or seven knowing Jesus is real. Upon reaching the age of twelve, i started walking in my own ways and in the ways of world, going down many different roads. Doing many things in my life that i have regretted but thinking at the time it was all fun and joy, what a lie. Because now when I look back at those things i did which i thought i enjoyed it actually wasn't joy, but full of regret and shame, and some of the things i did was right out of ignorance, without even thinking about it. Up until five years ago when i was working on a roof, and was just full of guilt, and wishing i could have started over, and wishing i could go back and start my walk over with the Lord, with Jesus. i asked Him to please forgive me for all the wrong things i had done in my life. While i was working i heard that voice? It’s the Holy Spirit, Jesus speaking to you, and He told me, "You do, you do have another chance, you are forgiven, that's why I died for you, that's why I died for everyone. But at that moment, Jesus was speaking to me, & our Heavenly Father, by means of His Holy Spirit, that voice you hear inside. So go and sin no more. [Please read John 8:11 When Jesus forgave Mary Magdalene] At that moment that overwhelming weight on my shoulders was gone. The shame, the regret i still live with, but i live with no more weight on my shoulders, no more guilt. This forgiveness Jesus has is for everyone, you just have to ask and to accept it. It’s right there like a light switch. You don’t have to walk around with the guilt on your shoulders weighing you down. Ask God for Forgiveness though His Son Jesus Christ, and He forgives you, go sin no more. Live your life anew, a fresh start with God the Creator and Jesus His Son in your life, a fresh start, another chance. If things go wrong and you stumble, always know He’s always there for you; wanting you to come back to Him.

Never ever forget this He truly Love’s you that’s why He died for us Jesus wants you to know this. He’s a best friend that you could ever have and He is real, i strive each day to live more righteously in Christ than i did the day before and I'm always asking God for help, I'm always asking Jesus for His help. There have been many different things that happened in my life through the periods of the last five years. There was a moment in time when i thought i had been played by people in corruption, organized crime, and government. And i got all frustrated and i was sitting at this gas station having a coffee outside in my vehicle. And the Lord impressed upon me to think about everything that had happened, and i went over everything in detail as to what happened, events places times. Example, the Lord placed me in this one person’s life at a certain time at night, about 11 pm, i was driving by this vehicle, and the hazard lights were flashing. He told me to stop and see if they needed help, then again, see if they need help, then again straight up, stop and go see if they need help. By this time i was about a mile away from them, i turned my vehicle around and went back, upon arriving sure enough they were out of fuel and they needed help. But there was more going on than them just needing fuel there were three of them, and one guy in the back seat seemed quite disturbed and wanted out of there. i had offered them a cigarette, (i smoked at the time) and when i had offered the guy in the back seat, i forget if it was me or him, if i had asked him if he wanted a lift into town, or if he asked me for a lift into town. i told him, “hop on in." So by this time the other guy had put the fuel container in the trunk of my car, and we were on our way into town. So i was quite uplifted with Jesus in my life, and i told them how i ended up showing up there, how the Lord had told me to see if they needed help. The passenger that was quite disturbed before became quite excited about this. And then i continued to tell them, why i was out in that area and that it was about seeing if a friend i knew was home, and if he had more books on Steps to Christ, a very wonderful book. At that moment he got quite excited and thankful and i didn't quite catch what he said but it was something about the grave. Upon arriving at the gas station, he got out of the back of the car and took off running, the other gentleman with me, had got his fuel container and leaned into the car to shake my hand to thank me. At that point in time his leather jacket opened up and i saw this insignia on his black t-shirt, i told him he was welcome, and drove off heading back home. i realized what had just happened, how the Lord had worked to save that man’s life, or the situation he was in, and revealed to everyone in that pickup that ran out of gas, that it was because of God, for the reasons that things went the way they did that night.

There are so many other events that the Lord did in my life and used me in other peoples life's and them in my life, i'm very thankful for all of that. God works differently in everybody's life and he works through so many different people that we don't even acknowledge sometimes. Now back to where i was drinking that coffee, and thinking that i was played, and i realized it was the Lord, it was all Him, i was so thankful and still am. i had a warm vehicle to sleep in, i had food in my stomach and i said, "Thank you Lord, Thank you. Now what can i do for you?" He told me, tell them, it's all true, and let them know I AM coming. It sounded more like in the way He said it, was like people say they believe He's coming back but they don't really. And i went and I told and I'm still telling because Jesus is so real, and He wants us to know the Truth. Over the last four years I've come into so much truth that I've never been aware of, by means of the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ our Savior. i have seen and heard so much deceit and lies going on out there by those who have been put in wonderful positions, to tell the people the truth about Christ and about God. And it's all right there right in front of your eyes, and for every one of you who are reading this, God's Word in the Holy Bible. Where to start, let’s go to the beginning, Creation when Satan deceived Adam and Eve into thinking it was okay to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God opened my eyes up to something there, going back a few years. i used to smoke cigarettes, and marijuana, and drink it's amazing how the Lord works in all of us. It's all gone and i owe that all to the Lord, and the pain in my back that He healed. smoking the cigarettes it was about 2 years ago, maybe a little longer, but the way that happened was i made a promise to the Lord that i was going to quit smoking, i made it three days, and was back smoking, couple months went by and through that time i told anybody that was listening, i said, "only God, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit know i was telling them the truth and spoke from the heart that i was going to quit smoking for Him, and when that time comes that time comes. It was about 2 months latter i was having lunch, then had a smoke and as i got up to go back to work i tossed the package of cigarettes on the car seat, i made about 3 steps, when all of a sudden i heard the Lord's voice and He told me, "It's time" and i sat down, thought, and realized i couldn't stop. it was then i told the Lord, "I can't stop, I need your help. Please help me" He told me if i was back in the day with Adam and Eve would i have eaten from the tree of knowledge, i replied no, with knowing the way things are in the world today, and He said, "Just as Satan had deceived Adam and Eve into thinking it was okay, he's doing the exact same thing to me with the cigarette, and deceiving me. At that moment, i threw the cigarettes into the garbage and have never had a craving or an urge for one from that moment on, and i thank God every day for that.

Now getting back to where i was speaking about all those who have a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and Speak the Truth, Ministers; Pastors; Teachers; Parents; and the Pope. Many don't know all the truth, many think they do, only because they have been led away by deceit, and Satan is doing the same thing to many as he has been doing for centuries, lying and deceiving and using people. So let’s have the truth now. God Created the Heavens and the Earth, the Sea, and everything that in them is. God also Created a very special day between Him and us, by resting on the Seventh-Day after he had finished all His Work and He took that day He Sanctified it, and He Blessed it, making it a very Holy Day between us and him. This is a Truth that many know and many don't know and many don't want to believe. With God's help we will show you. Genesis 2:1-3 God tells us here, this is the day He has made special between Him and us. Exodus 20:8 this is one of the Ten Commandments that He asked us to do, in our relationship with Him. And He asked us to remember it, to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy. Not to work, turn away from our own ways and spend it with Him and to follow in the way of His son Jesus Christ who showed us how to enjoy this day. With Love by helping those in need; giving to those in need; worshiping our Heavenly Father. Thanking Him, looking around at all the wonderful things He has created on this planet and acknowledging His son Jesus Christ. Hebrews 4:1-12, here God is telling us to not be like those before who didn't abide in His day of rest because they didn't believe in it. They thought it didn't matter, even though it does matter very much to God and His son Jesus Christ, for even He says if there was another day put in place, would not Jesus have changed the day? And we all know He didn't, because He came and He showed us how to live on that day, for He is Lord also of the Sabbath. Please read Mark 2:28. It's not a day we point fingers at people for doing things we think they shouldn't be doing on the Sabbath, it's a day for our relationship to grow stronger with our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Revelation 22:14, here God tells us His people keep the Commandments, to all those out there reading and teaching.

The 4th Commandment is just as real today as it was on the 7th Day of Creation and God asked us to remember it and He wants us to remember it, reason being He knows everything. He also knew Satan would try to deceive everyone into thinking, or as many as possible that the Sabbath day didn't matter no big deal. Surely God didn't really mean that, just as Satan did to Adam and Eve as he is doing to many who call themselves Pastors, Priests, Teachers; it’s sad because God has shown me the Truth in His Word and it's all there for everyone to read. Just don't read with a hard heart as He also mentions in Hebrews.  To let you know which day is the Sabbath day is quite easy. God said it is the seventh day. So which is the seventh day? (1.) Look at your calendar, count the very first day it would be Sunday to the very last day which is Saturday, seven days. (2.) The Jewish Nation knows which the Sabbath day is and they are correct 100% (3.) Look up Sabbath in Webster’s Dictionary (4.) Let Jesus show us.  He was crucified/killed on Friday, many people in the world call this day "Good Friday." Now get this, His very best friends, His disciples, His true followers, took his body down from the cross before the Sabbath started, which is Friday evening.

[Please read Genesis 1:1-5] God tells us that the evening and the morning are the first day; therefore the next day starts at the setting of the sun.

They laid Him in the tomb and started preparing his body for burial, wrapped Him in cloth and then stopped, because they went to prepare for the Sabbath day which was approaching. The Sabbath (Saturday) Jesus is still resting in His tomb with the rock fastened solidly to the entrance. [Please read Mark 16:1-2] Now after the Sabbath was over, early in the morning on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to Jesus' tomb. Upon arriving there, seeing the stone rolled away and the tomb empty, speaking with a servant in the garden who she later realized was Jesus. She wanted to hug Him but He told her not to touch him for He had not yet ascended to his Father. [Please read John 20:16-17] The day that Jesus was raised from the grave many in the world know as Easter Sunday. This is the first day of the week, which comes after the Sabbath day that God created, sanctified and blessed. To all you who read this know, everything you have read is true, and there is a big lie going on, it's been going on for centuries and sadness to those who continue with it when they know the truth [please read Rev. 22:19]. It seems some are more concerned with following the guidelines and rules of tradition, rather than following the truth of God. And to those who just found out the truth, God please Bless you and draw you in a closer Relationship with Him and His Son Jesus Christ our Saviour and Teacher, and to all of you, here is some really good advice please, ask Jesus to bless you with the Holy Spirit with His Righteousness and a life of wanting to live closer to God doing the things He's asked of us and with more Love and Care for your fellow person, brother and sister.

Remember also what you do unto another, you also do unto Jesus, in His Word, "What you do unto the least of these you do unto me" Remember another one He mentioned, by breaking one of the Commandments you break all of them, [Please read James 2:10] and so by being deceived into thinking the 4th Commandment “Remember Sabbath day to keep it Holy” doesn’t matter anymore, it does. Here’s a thought to help understand why it’s so important to live by everything God told us in the Ten Commandments. If a person has a cancer cell in a certain part of the body, it will spread throughout the body. Now let’s look at disobedience in heaven being similar to a cancer cell in the body. I don't want this to sound really heavy and hard, and that God's a very fearsome punisher, He's not. He's very loving and He cares very much for us, and He won't allow anything to destroy what He has created. So instead of being rebellious, look at God's Word. What He has asked of us to do is a wonderful recipe for the way things will be. As it is in Heaven it shall be on Earth. [Please read Matthew 6:9] When you look at one another look with understanding at why that individual is acting in the way they are, therefore you might want to have compassion and strive to live your life in the way our Father's son Jesus Christ showed us, how to Love one another. I Pray and ask God our Father and Son Jesus Christ our Savior and the Holy Ghost that all will come to live in the Truth and with Love for our LORD God and with Love for one another.

Send it to the World.

For those who don't believe, please do believe because Christ is So Real, and He wants us to Repent of our sins, ask Him for Forgiveness, another chance, tell him everything get it off your chest, and He will do what He promised, He will wipe it all away, and that weight of guilt on your shoulders will be gone, although you'll still have the regret. Another thing He wants of you is to be Baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, just as He was, and go out and teach all nations and baptize others in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. [Please read Matthew 28:19] It’s about repenting and Love, He want's everyone to come to Him. Please listen; please live all the 10 Commandments remembering to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Because the day is coming and this is Truth, Christ is returning, and He's coming for all those who want to live with Him and his Father. Many will be judged thousands upon thousands that the eyes cannot count shall be standing before the Throne of God. [Please read Revelation 7:9-10 & Daniel 7:9-10] The opportunity is now for Salvation. There will be no rapture, where once Jesus comes we have an opportunity to change our lives and do right as many people think, that opportunity is now! First time Jesus came from Heaven was when He spent 40 days here after His resurrection and over 500 saw Him. This is the 2nd time Jesus the Son of God is coming from Heaven, you will see Him in the clouds, [Please read Revelation 1:7] and he will send His Angles with a great sound of a Trumpet it will look like a cloud approaching but it will be thousands upon thousands upon thousands of angels from Heaven, with Jesus in the midst of all them.

Jesus will raise up the dead from the graves that believed in Him, and they will meet Him in the sky and then all the living that believe in Him will be changed in the twinkle of the eye and will meet up with them in the sky. When does this happen? The days will be that as it was in the days of Noah and the Flood as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, there will be earthquakes in diverse places, there will be pestilence, famine, wars and rumors of wars [Please read Matthew 24] and other things to come, Revelation 16:12 the Euphrates river will dry up, Revelation 16:21 there will be hail stones of the weight of a man. This can all sound pretty scary, it's not meant to be scary it’s just what Jesus said.  I would like to leave you with 2 dreams the Lord gave me (1.) The Lord was speaking with me, I did not see his face all I saw was his arm and robe, He told me, “They say they follow Me and Yet They Refuse To Acknowledge The Day made Holy.” this dream was in the week coming up to Easter weekend.  2nd Dream: Approximately 3 weeks after, all I heard was a voice which said, "Many will perish, their eyes will melt from their sockets at the brightness of His Coming." this is pretty heavy to read, it’s not all that enjoyable and I don't know what to say, other than the last dream i had, gave me more of an urgency, of the need of you finding out more of the truth about what God and Jesus wants for us to know. About God and what He wants for us, and with Jesus showing us how to live our lives with God and others around us. Many people think there's a rapture that's going to happen, they get that idea because of the quotes in the Bible where God says, "Two will be in the field one will be taken and one will be left. Two will be sleeping one will be taken one will be left" [Please read Luke 17:34-36] Here’s a thought in regards to those quotes from the Bible. If there's two working in the field and one believes and one doesn't, then if two are sleeping and one believes and one doesn't or here's another thought, there's two in the field, one strives to follow the word of God [Please read Revelation 22:14] and also follow in the steps of His son Jesus Christ and cares more about others than themselves. Here’s another thought, two are sleeping and one strives to follow the Word of God and everything He asks us, and to live his or her life and look upon others, as God's son Jesus Christ lived His Life and looked upon us. So to simplify things with the ones sleeping and the ones in the field, one believes and one doesn’t one follows and one doesn’t. Another thing people have been deceived into thinking, is speaking in tongues. It’s not what some people think, rolling your tongue in your mouth, in a language that is not understood. It’s actually one person speaking in another person’s language.

Example: A Mennonite speaking in Cree, or a Korean speaking in Ukrainian. [Please read Acts 2:1-12]

Many go to worship on the first day of the week and other days of the week which is good, but why not also have service and worship our LORD God and also follow what our LORD God wants us to do on the Seventh Day of the week as well rest and cease from our works. [Please read Exodus 20:8-11] For this is the day God has asked us to keep Holy. So enjoy this day, for this is the day God sanctified and blessed. Please read: [Genesis 2:1-3] [Exodus 20:8] [Hebrews 4] [Revelation 22:14]

Please acknowledge the day that God made Holy, the Sabbath which is the Seventh Day. For Satan is trying with all his might to deceive everyone into thinking that this day doesn’t matter; just as he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So please don’t be deceived. Because the same thing is happening again only now he’s doing it with the Sabbath Day.

God said, in Revelation 12:17 “And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Interpretation: dragon – Satan, wroth – anger, woman – church, remnant – left over.

So i ask you humbly. Please believe God and follow Jesus Christ His son and our Saviour.

And I also ask you,

Please tell your Children the Truth about Jesus Christ being born into this World, and not the cartoon character Santa Clause. Please tell your children the Truth about how Jesus was crucified on the Cross and died for us. It’s not about a bunny rabbit and eggs. Just a thought, how would you feel if somebody made a cartoon character about the birth and death of your loved one?

Please read Matthew 3:17 where God tells us how He feels about His son, Jesus Christ.

Now think about the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Please God help me to live to do your will better and ask you to please open up everyone’s eyes and ears to your truth oh Heavenly Father please bless them all with your Holy Spirit, i ask this in your precious son’s name Jesus Christ.


Author wishes to Remain Anonymous.